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Resonance Log

Ideas and concepts that resonates deeply with my values and principles.

Each entry should be written by me, not copy and paste. May include content by others, but I need to explain how or why the entry is worth to be added here.

If I'm still unsure about a specific topic, they are added to the Digesting list until I'm sure about it.

If something does not resonate anymore, it shall be moved to the archive. Bonus points (to myself) if I explain why I changed my mind.

You may ask why the stairs illustration at the beginning of this page. To me, anything that resonates is part of what I am, and I like to think metaphorically: these are the steps I have been climbing and climbing, with no end in sight.


  • Experiences over stuff — Usually experiences with other people

  • When things happen too fast, nobody can be certain about anything, about anything at all, not even about himself

  • Having money changes you

  • Can I squeeze it in / Can I do it well?


  • It's better to be overdressed when nervous

  • Everyone is trying

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