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  • As most of my other categories this year, everything was a bit scattered around after Oliver’s birth — as many friends with kids told me it would be. These are the highlights of the year:

Non 2017 release that I was obsessed with:

  • D-Day — Grape Iris

    • Someone recommended this to me over Twitter, and I obsessed over Discogs looking for a vinyl copy of it. Played it so much, and I will probably continue doing so next year.


  • Played a lot of PS4 games in the first semester, and lightly played a mix of 3DS and Switch games in the second one.

    • Etrian Odyssey 5

      • To-go grinding machine on 3DS. Been playing it for a while. Perfect for babysleep = true watching.

    • Monster Hunter Stories

      • Pokemon in MonHun world. Works well and graphics are gorgeous, even on 3DS.

    • Persona 5 (My 2017 Game of the year)

      • Best JRPG of this generation. Can't wait to play it again when my kid goes to college in about 18 years. PS4 exclusive.

    • Farming Simulator 2018

      • Default waiting-for-labor-time game. Played on 3DS.

Non 2017 release that I was obsessed with:

  • Final Fantasy XIV

    • Besides Persona 5, this is the game I played most in the first semester. Lovely Japanese take on the MMO formula.





  • 2017 Caffo's Fashion — lazy and relaxed. Almost no collared shirts; tees and PJs mostly.


Best Assorted Stuff

  • Ollie

    • A++ would father it again

  • Apple Airpods

    • Got them in early January, still using all the time. They just work, and that's what I needed.

  • Bomex 250ml beaker

    • This beaker was an essential tool to keep me in the line regarding my wine intake. It fits about 2 glasses and that’s what I would drink in a single night. It’s also weirdly stylish.

  • Bulletproof Coffee

    • This year I finally started to make my bulletproof coffee the right way — blended and using ghee. It really upped my breakfast / intermittent fasting game. Will keep doing it for a while.

  • Field Notes Notebook Cover Mini

    • Been using multiple Field Notes notebooks over the year, and this cover protected the notebook I paired with my Hobonichi Planner for daily notes. I love and treasure it.

  • Google Wifi

    • I don’t live in a huge apartment, but for some reason my wifi reception was always spotty. This year I finally fixed it by setting up a mesh network of google branded routers. It works flawlessly.

  • Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen - N79

    • I can’t draw anything more complex than a ball, but this pen helped me take my bullet journal game to another level. I use it to highlight headings and mark important stuff in my planners and notebooks.

  • Amor Fati Medallion

    • After last year's deep dive into stoicism, having this coin on my bedside helped me immensely to enjoy the ride.

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