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You find yourself espoused and a proud guardian, your life intertwined with another soul, committed to nurturing the growth of a young being.

It all began with you cutting your teeth as a sysop back in the 90s, an era long gone, the days of dial-up tones echoing through your memories. Now you run a boutique consulting firm, also dabbling in the exhilarating world of angel investing and tech advising.

Books are your drug, but you're also hooked on Japan, craving the elegance and allure of its traditions. Your coffee? Always black, without compromise, ensuring a continuous caffeine supply courses through your veins.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is where you've staked your claim, but a part of you remains inextricably drawn to the offbeat magnetism of Portland, Oregon, USA.

A constant itch keeps you in perpetual motion, seeking solace in slow, mindful activities like playing and creating flow-inducing games or letting weird music envelops you like a warm, dissonant blanket.

You're possessed by an obsession, an annual ritual of creating the craziest best-of list, a compulsion you can't resist. Meanwhile, in the quiet moments, you pour your thoughts onto the page, exploring the realms of technology, system design, and the cognitive tools that mold our reality.

You curate the bizarre, as a self-proclaimed guardian of oddities. You are also the proud inventor of "A Scale to Rule Them All."