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Such crazy year. Really hope 2021 is better and not a NG+.


  • My reading was all over the place in 2020. Most of the books I read were pretty mediocre. I re-read several Murakami novels (especially by the end of the year). His distinctive ambiances are a powerful narcotic to me.

    • Lord of The Mysteries

      • I spent most of the year reading this. It's a gigantic beast with hundreds of chapters and never-ending volumes of simple, escapist fun.


      • I miss Japan so much. Since this was an enforced “no trip” year, I obsessed over this book as a way to get there. Pair it with Tokyo-ga for maximum awesomeness.

    • The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking

      • Very nice exploration of the negative path. I like how Burkeman goes deep into a number of things, arriving on the same conclusion as the stoics: life is not about being happy, but to be in peace.



  • Tabori's Engine system for Roam

    • Newest version of the first templating engine made for Roam. I use it together with Roam42 Smartblocks, and prefer it for templates. Not public yet.

  • Hey.com

    • Haters gonna hate. I love opinionated tools and Hey is an amazing example of it. After a couple months experimenting back and forth, I'm with it for the long haul.

  • Generate Roam Site (Action)

    • Worked with David Vargas on this. Check the link about how this site is made in the bottom of the page.

  • My Minimal Roam Theme

    • I’ve worked on the Neue Roam Theme for most of the year, but decided to move on and use a very simple CSS sprinkle on top of vanilla Roam. Less stuff to fix and still looking good.


  • Servitors’ Card

    • I worked with Tommie on a custom illustration based on The Healer and The Protector. I'm very happy with the results and will treasure the print forever.

  • This shiny pair of loafers

    • I got this pair of loafers for $40 and used them for most of the time I have been outside this year. They are still brand new.

  • The Shinobi TEX Keyboard

    • Loving this one so so much. Buttery MX keys (got the silent reds) with a TrackPoint. If you have a Thinkpad fetish like me, it's a must.

  • HARIO Switch Immersion Dripper

    • My daily driver since getting it. Effortless way to make tasty coffee. I'm using 16g of finely ground beans for 220g of water.

Things I'm tired of

  • COVID-19

  • Social Networks

  • Infinite Timelines

  • Games

  • Productivity / Self-improvement Treadmill

  • Multi functional devices

    • Fuck mobile phones. I want to read books on my kindle (or dead-tree book), listen to music on a vinyl player and not be tempted by gazillions of apps trying to steal my attention.

Things I'm looking forward for next year

  • The Vaccine

  • Mask free life (I doubt it will come next year, tho.)

  • Motion

    • Heard very good things about this chrome add-on. People compare it to Superhuman. I think it may replace a bunch of other extensions / apps I've been using.

  • Oda Speakers

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