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my trusty 3DS console

I have a thing for the Nintendo 3DS. I'm talking borderline obsessive here. You see, it's not just some gadget to me; it's a slice of my personal history. The 3DS was a big player in my journey from a kid with a wonky vision to a grown-up who finally saw the world in all three dimensions.

Yeah, you heard right. I was the kid who used to stumble into walls, a real-life Picasso portrait with a bilateral visual impairment. Then came surgery. The doc said I'd see things differently, and oh my, was she right. One of the first things where my full-blown vision started to work? You guessed it - the Nintendo 3DS, with its weird 3D mode.

Now, I'm no sucker for popularity contests, but the 3D mode? That was the real deal for me. No, not just real - it was like my first gulp of air after years underwater.

Fast forward to the present, and you'll still find me, from time to time, eyes glued to that small rectangular screen. Whenever I find a pocket of time free from the chains of daily life, especially when I'm up in the clouds or holed up in some nondescript hotel, I use part of this time to fire up the 3DS.

Ok. Time to talk shop - the games. The ones I'd rescue from a burning building, the cream of the crop:

Played (a lot)

To be played (Someday)

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