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If you have know me for a while, you know how attached I was to the quest of the perfect cup for years, if not decades.

I don't mind do admitting and dropping off what I don't identify with anymore, but I never could put into words my current feeling about coffee.

Well, someone who is a much better writer, did it for me. This is a quote from the book Foundry, from the beloved Eliot Peper:

"True coffee nerds realize the quest is hopeless. They recognize that perfection is abstract, a conceptual ideal, while coffee is a hot fluid sloshing around your chipped mug.

By abandoning the quest and thereby graduating from aspiring to true coffee nerds, they attain the grail they were seeking all along: a deep appreciation of every sip of coffee that blesses their lips, whether it's a macchiato prepared by an award-winning barista, or, gods forbid, Nespresso.

Instead of using their finely tuned palettes to pinpoint subtle flaws, they zero in on the best attributes of even the humblest cup. You can identify true coffee nerds by the quiet smile that graces their faces after the first sip of the bitterest brew."

Eliot Peper, Foundry

That's it.

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