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Starting with a layover in France, I stayed at a classic "coffin hotel" near the airport. Unfortunately, they had zero food and coffee options outside designated hours. Yet, there was a "shopping mall" on the other side of the road. People could go there to watch movies or enjoy large glasses of beer at affordable prices.

The food wasn't great, but the entertainment center and drinks gave me some relief while I was there.

From such long distance to the city, I had to rely on an Uber to explore Paris, which cost me 60 euros each round. Despite the expense, Rushing around such a fantastic city was fun, but exhausting. I crashed as soon as I arrived back.

I arrived at the French airport by 7 AM the next day, ready to catch my flight to Athens.

The Athens airport made my journey smooth and easy, unlike my past experiences. The process was smooth. No passport control is strange to someone used to strict US procedures.

When I got to Athens, I took an Uber to the beach resort. I had some business to do there. The time difference made me even more tired. I retired by 4 PM, only to wake up in time for the first event around 7 PM.

The first part of my trip involved enjoying my client's company. We indulged in incredible food, with ouzo flowing and a positive atmosphere,. This set the perfect tone for the days ahead.

I said goodbye to my client. Then, I had four days alone in Athens. It turned out to be the best part of the trip. I followed the locals' guidance and explored less busy parts of the city. I enjoyed the gritty atmosphere there. Graffiti filled the streets. One message stood out: "We want immigrants, not tourists." This sentiment resonated in the city, which wanted to keep its unique identity.

I avoided touristy places and gone to a little restaurant that a friend suggested. They served amazing Greek food. I love coffee and found great options everywhere. I got in love with the refreshing freddos, chilled and popular in the Mediterranean heat.

Another highlight was to find people in the Greek black metal community who shared my taste in music. While exploring, I also spent time reading John Fowler's "The Magus". This inspired me to compose a short EP that captured the essence of this journey.

I left Athens and traveled for 27 hours to reach Rio De Janeiro by 10 PM. Despite the exhaustion, I confidently say I would do it again without hesitation.

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