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In the twisted landscape of Web3, a monster lurks, enticing us with promises of decentralization and freedom. But the bitter truth is that this digital utopia ensnares us, anonymity breeding a dark side of human nature. False prophets emerge, selling dreams of wealth and wisdom, while the blockchain is corrupted for nefarious ends. Even in games (for example MIR4 and Dark Eden M), these concepts are there, out for your soul. Our humanity is stripped away, and relationships become cold transactions.

Check this if you want to see how bad the web3 is.

And the solution, in my opinion, is the Smol Web movement.

The Smol Web is a rebellious refuge for misfits and outcasts in the digital realm of giants. It embraces simplicity and authenticity, free from ads, tracking, and the relentless drive to consume. Genuine connections form through shared interests and values, unbound by algorithmic manipulation.

A nostalgic nod to the early internet, the Smol Web reminds us that we can resist conformity, forging our own paths and reclaiming the internet as a space for true creativity and connection.

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