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2022 flew by so fast that I almost missed it. I worked a lot and spent time with the family. On my very limited free time, I played meaningless games, read books and Manga and that's about it. I didn't make a lot of long lists this year.

The lesson learned is that I need to delegate better and find time for myself. I'm running out of energy again, and I don't want to experience burnout again.


I read a lot in 2022. Most of it was simple techno-thrillers for simple escapism, but some books were better than the average.


2022 was a strange year musically. Surprisingly, I don't have a list of albums to share. The thing I listened mostly were sets by the amazing DJ Roüge (link to a MP4 video file).



No games were good enough to be listed here. Now that my kid took ownership of my switch, I ordered a steamdeck to play elden ring.


Things I was looking forward for 2022

Things that didn't lived up my personal hype

Things I'm looking forward for next year

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