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Coding Through the Storm: My Battle with Burnout

I was knee-deep in code, typing furiously on my mechanical keyboard, coffee mug by my side. Then, the dread of coding another HTML form hit me. My heart raced, and my palms turned clammy.

I was trapped in the clutches of burnout. It's that dreadful, soul-sucking state where your energy and motivation vanish. Cynicism takes over, making you feel powerless and incapable. It felt like I had become a broken car stuck in life's mud.

I realized the fragility of the human mind and understood that to fix my broken-down car; I needed to grasp the delicate balance between chaos and order, destruction and creation.

I took a leap of faith and became a manager, selectively choosing projects to salvage my well-being. It helped, but I still sought a more complete solution. Besides changing my role, I recognized the need for profound personal change and finding ways to relax and recharge.

I tried it all: quitting social media, reading fiction, experimenting with drugs (both legal and illegal), avoiding blue light, and listening to ambient music. None of them satisfied the craving. Then, it hit me like a revelation. Suddenly, I stumbled upon some truths that, while not universal, deeply resonated with me:


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