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Flexcode Software

For over two decades, I've explored the digital realm, first as a creator, then as a guide. Along the way, I've met incredible individuals who have left their mark on our shared reality.

Flexcode Software is a haven for crafting intricate code. We specialize in web and mobile development but stay open to change.

Our philosophy is about taking a step back and reflecting, just like a cat carefully preparing for its next leap. In the fast-paced digital age, we take a moment to pause and let our ideas flourish.

Here's a small list of things we figured out after doing this for so long

We don't do fixed-priced projects

In nearly every situation, the given estimate is simply an effort to quantify various decisions that may require more or less time than initially anticipated. This estimation does not even consider scope changes and new requirements that may arise.

Establishing a fixed price for the entire project proves to be unjust to both the company and the client. It undermines the concept of investing ample time in crafting exceptional code. Moreover, it restricts any possibilities beyond the pre-determined scope, turning discussions about new features into business negotiations to determine the cost of each individual addition.

Crafting quality code requires time and effort, and setting a fixed price or strict deadline undermines this principle. Even if the engineers possess unwavering ethics, let's face the truth — they would earn the same income whether they produce meticulously designed code or hastily implemented solutions.

We strive to avoid hiring engineers with this mentality. Therefore, those who join us can expect to have the time and freedom to think before taking action.

In the long run, fixed-price projects can be costly for clients. They may end up spending more to update rushed code or maintain a fragile application.

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