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Lenovo ThinkPad x220

my cheap to-go dev machine

Since incorporating my company I don't really do much code. As a manager, most of my work time is now spent in meetings and planning sessions. Because of that, I made a backup of the system image and repurposed this machine as an all in one Soloable Everquest Machine.


  • My fancy Macbook Pro is too expensive. Considering I like to work from some weird locations, I started looking for a machine to carry with me that would not attract crackheads like fireflies. It had to be cheap, sturdy and easily fixed if broken. This document outlines what I come up with.


  • Redshift — Flux like application. Help my sore eyes.

  • Lilyterm — My original plan was to use something like st, but I really needed something a bit more user friendly. Lilyterm is lighweight and good enough.

  • Google Chrome (aur)

  • DWM — Compiled from source. Perfect.

  • Dropbox + CLI (dropbox-cli from aur) — Selective syncing — sharing org files mostly.

  • GIT / Openssh — Must have

  • Acpi — For battery usage

  • Alsa-utils — Sounds management

  • Emacs — :wink:

  • upower — Better battery life

  • fasd (aur) — Console navigation

  • fzf — Console autocomplete

  • pick — Simple password management. Just the essential passwords for to go work.

  • xlockmore-blank (aur) / xautolock — Auto locking after idle time

  • xbindkeys — Enabling TP volume keys

  • packer (aur) — Easily install AUR packages

  • unclutter — Hide mouse after a while

  • ssmtp — Configured with gmail. Used to send emails to self using dmenu

  • slack + dunst for notifications — Work communication

In house solutions

  • clipd — my own clipboard manager solution

Missing pieces

  • Backblaze like backup

  • Screenhero

Replaced by other tech

  • Skype — Using skype on the phone


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