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The Inverted Tower/Draft 4.5

Under consideration

No XP if the current level is +2 the floor level (to circumvent farming)?

Open Questions


Should we have some kind of grind mode?

Game is too mechanic?


Small change on combat rules


Character Creation


There are three attributes in this game:

Attribute Description
STR How strong your character is
DEX How dexterous your character is
INT How intelligent your character is

Select one attribute and put one point in it. The other two will start as zero.

Hit Points

Max HP starts at 5. You can never heal past your Max HP.

Initial Equipment

1 Dagger — adds +1 to a combat roll and then discarded.

1 Potion — recover to Max HP and then discarded.


These are all the rolls you going to use to play The Inverted Tower:

Name Abbr. Desc.
Dice Roll DR Roll, compare with table
Dice Check DC Roll. Passes if die is 5 or 6
Epic Check EC Roll. Passes if die is 6
Split Roll SR Roll, then: 1 or 2: option 1 3 or 4: option 2 5 or 6: option 3

A 6 is always a success and 1 is always a failure.


New room: DC. If passes, DR for Event type. If fails, Its an Encounter.

Resolve event or encounter. To Resolve an encounter, check the combat section below.

If the encounter is successful, DR for treasure (from the table).



Roll Name Mechanic
1 to 3 Trap Must handle trap
4 Merchant Sell items (dagger and potion) for 5gp each
5 Bonfire Heals to Max HP
6 Stairs Allows the player to move to the next floor


Do an SR(STR,DEX,INT) to see the kind of trap. Do DC with the attribute as the modifier. If it fails, -1 HP and no treasure.


Roll Treasure
1-4 1 gp
5 Dagger
6 Potion


If normal monster, do a DC with the following multipliers:

If succeeds

if fails

If the enemy is elite, check the elite section below.

Leveling up

Every (10 + current level) XP, you level up.

Max HP is increased by one on level up, and 1 point can be added to an attribute (STR, DEX, or INT).

Elite Monsters and Bosses

An elite monster is a terrifying enemy from the levels below who spends some of their time in this room. To kill an elite monster must pass a DC. Daggers can be used to get to this number as usual.

Elite and bosses gives 2 XP.

A Boss is another gruesome foe always found in the last room of the floor. Handle it as an elite monster, but do a DC to see how many minions he has. If passed, he has 4. Otherwise, 2. A boss always drops one potion, one dagger, and one gold piece as treasure.

Wandering Monsters

When moving back to an existing room, do a DC. If pass. handle it as a new encounter.


A level has 12 a maximum of rooms.

If the player gets to the 12th room and still hasn't found the stairs, this room is the stairs and also is the floor boss's lair.

Dungeon Log

Since we no longer have mapped rooms, keeping what we call a Dungeon Log is advised. Each line in it displays what is in the room. For example:

Floor 1


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