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The Rememberist

Reminders aren't just for dates and times; they're a powerful tool to shape future behaviors.

I use two reminder-based systems daily. The first, Setsudo, helps me focus on specific tasks. It periodically displays a translucent window with my current task at the center of my screen. This application has become integral to my workflow when things get too chaotic.

The second system deviates slightly - I call it The Rememberist. Like Setsudo, it sporadically shows a window with a message written by "past-me" to provide positive reinforcement regarding real priorities or improve workdays over time.

Unlike Setsudo, it doesn't emphasize short-term emergencies. Still, it focuses on longer-term intentions like reminding myself that not all is urgent, affirming weekly goals, or prompting breaks from computer usage.

The Rememberist notifications are infrequent yet enduring, while colors of text and windows randomly rotate within predefined sets preventing habituation and subsequent neglect. Plus, you can edit the message or hide the window with one click.


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