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Vinyl Collection

My puny little trove of vinyl, scattered between two locations, like the artifacts of my life devoured by space and time. A few treasured records await at my sanctuary, far away from the city. The majority, however, reside at my humble dwelling.

You see, even infinite choices come with a burden, so I'm enslaved to a clever script that acts like one of those cheap fortune-tellers you see at a run-down fairground to pick what to play. It's technology, pulling the strings like a puppet master, deciding the soundtrack of my life.

And don't even get me started about cassette tapes.

At Home

Ana Roxanne — Because of a Flower

Agalloch — Ashes Against the Grain

Agalloch — The Mantle

Agalloch — Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor

Agalloch — Pale Folklore

Chainless — Green Veils

Coldworld — Autumn

Crypt Vapor — Tombe Della Cittá

D-Day — Grape Iris

Depeche Mode — Music for the Masses

Deafheaven — New Bermuda

Deafheaven — Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Deafheaven — Sunbather

Devil Master — Devil Master

Devil Master — Manifestations

Equip — Synthetic Core 88


FM84 — Atlas

GHOST BC — Infestissumam

Ghostbath — Moonlover

GOTO80 — 80864

Grouper — Cover The Windows And The Walls

Hammock — Universalis

Hatsune Kaidan — Noisy Killer

Haunt — Burst into Flame

Hypothermia — Gråtoner

Kikagaku Moyo — Forest Of Lost Children

Lethe — When Dreams Become Nightmares

Low City Rain — Low City Rain

Molchat Doma — Etazhi

Moderator — Sinner Syndrome

Myrkur — M

Myrkur — Myrkur

Necronomidol — Necronomidol

Necronomidol — Deathless

Noriel Vilela — Eis o ome

Opeth — Damnation

Sinoia Caves — Beyond The Black Rainbow

Skeleton — Skeleton

Spectral Lore - Gnosis

The Cure — Mixed Up

Ulvesang — The Hunt

Unreqvited —Stars Wept to the Sea

VA — Persona 5 OST

VA — Twin Peaks

Velho — Decrepitude e Sabedoria

Velho — Vida Longa ao Primitivo

Voltaire Records — Affairs Online

White Ring — Black Earth that made me

Zeal and Ardor — Devil is Fine

猫 シ Corp. — Palm Mall


Khruangbin — Hasta el Cielo

Khruangbin — Texas Sun

KLF — The White Room

Spirit Adrift — Divided by Darkness

The Cure — Mixed Up

VA — Rock in Rio 2

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