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Weird Music


SPECTRAL EPOCH — A hierarchical recurrent neural network (not an LLM type of AI) is used to organize micro-samples of my previous unused black metal and black-gaze songs in an experimental attempt to create something unique. All local, no GPU acceleration. Started in 2023. No releases.

Final Maze — Experimenting with metal, power electronics, and strange vibes. Started in 2023.

INT21 — Back in 2004, some friends and I formed an electro/industrial black metal venture that got somewhat famous in the Brazilian goth scene.

oroboruz — Dark ambient project from around 2002. Released a remastered version of both two releases in 2023.


Sane Music Management — How I handle digital music these days

Vinyl Collection — What I'm usually spinning

Cassette Collection — My tiny cassette tape collection

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