Caffeine's Monthly Digest

A monthly digest. Writing may not be for everyone, but it helps me sort my thoughts and reflect on recent events. You can use an RSS Reader to read it by adding this feed to it. Check out The Neon Kiosk for more personal journals like this.

2023-11-01 — October

October was an unconventional month. I began in Greece, getting ready to go back to Brazil. I immersed myself in the culture and the country captivated me. As soon as I got back, I went straight to my parents' house. Unfortunately, everyone there got sick.

As the month comes to a close, we're finally recovering from several weeks of illness in the house. Besides that, It's been a month of readjusting to our routine.

On the creative side, It was a very productive month. I composed music, collaborated with fellow musicians, and published content on Bandcamp. I also moved my website to a new, home-cooked system that doesn't need outside tools.

I used Tailscale to create a private network. Then, I prepared to transfer my LastPass account to a self-hosted Bitwarden vault.

Assuming all goes according to plan in November, I expect the following outcomes:

But first, let's celebrate Halloween for real. May the spirits come.

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