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Life Sharing Relationships

two roses on the floor

I consider this page the most personal on this website. My life is a whirlwind, a symphony of work, kid wrangling, and keeping a life-sharing relationship afloat. And amidst this symphony, free time is a rare, precious solo that barely gets a chance to play.

After a long day, sleep usually beats me to the punch, but tonight is different. Tonight, my thumbs are going rogue, tap-dancing over my phone, spilling out this torrent. I hope to keep on it until I'm bare and empty.

These aren't just random synapses firing off. They are ideals — grand, noble, and a bit intimidating. Do I live up to them? Not even close. I stumble and fall flat on my face more often than I'd care to admit. But you know what? I keep trying.

Why? Because these are the real deal. They ring true to me, And I'll keep trying until the Big Sleep claims me, because an honest fail is better than a fake win.


Yes, the list is short. Most ideals are repetitions of two basic concepts: compromising and honestly sharing life's load. If you are trying to do it every day in some sense (and are being recognized for it), things should be on the right path.

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